How To Enhance Your Wedding with Great Entertainment

Newlyweds with guest on their garden party

Without question weddings are one of the most memorable days in a persons life, the fact is however that a great wedding isn’t just memorable for the couple getting married, but also for each and every guest. If you think about it, weddings are, at large about the guests. I know that may seem like an odd statement, however without guests you would just have two people making a legal agreement… hardly romantic or memorable!

Given that your guests form the foundation of your wedding it’s really important to take them into account as you plan your big day. It may be your wedding, but keeping your guests entertained will help make the day really special, after all, nobody wants their wedding to be memorable because of how dull it was!

Thankfully, in this day and age technology has opened the door to all sorts of weird and wonderful forms of wedding entertainment. By utilising technology it’s also possible to keep your costs down and reduce your wedding planning stress. Win!

Enter The Photo Booth

Photo booth hire is not only popular in that more and more couples are choosing to hire a photo booth for their wedding, it also happens to be one of the most popular forms of wedding entertainment amongst guests. In fact photo booths have been mentioned as a fantastic way to surprise your bride. But why are the so popular? Lets delve deeper.

When you think about it, the two most common forms of wedding entertainment revolve around having your photos taken, as take care of by photo booths, or dancing, which involves music. Here’s the clincher though, there’s going to be a large percentage of your guests who won’t dance. Why? perhaps they’re too shy, they feel uncomfortable or awkward. Others simply don’t like dancing. Guess what these guests will be doing at your wedding? They will be sitting around bored! That’s what they will be doing.

Don’t get me wrong, all weddings need great music, it is simply one of the most important elements of an entertaining wedding, but give some serious consideration to hiring a photo booth too.

Dance To The Music

A great wedding simply would not be completed without any form of dancing, but what will your guests dance to? Bands are without doubt brilliant at creating energy and lifting the mood, assuming of course you’ve got a good band. Have you ever been to a lebanese wedding? I’ve been to hundreds and the energy the band creates with the live drums in phenomenal, and frankly, irreplaceable.

The other standard option is to hire a wedding DJ. Bands may not suite the feel of everyone’s wedding and DJ’s can certainly be a great choice, particularly if you’re looking to fill the dance floor with modern hits.

Not everybody can afford a DJ or a wedding band though, that’s cool, luckily you can still have great music thanks to our friend technology! All you need to do is set up a playlist on an app such as Pandora or Spotify, hook your phone up to some powerful speakers and bam! Music = sorted. On the subject of speakers it’s really worth hiring a good PA system or ensuring the venue has a system available. There’s nothing worse than trying to get a room to dance when the music sounds quite and tinny.

Don’t forget the little ones!

Unless you specify that children aren’t able to attend there’s a fair chance your wedding will have more than a handful of kids attending. This is great! There’s no reason why kids shouldn’t enjoy your wedding just as the adults are, but one must remember, kids find joy in ‘kids things’.

Basically, what we’re saying is this, if you canter your wedding entertainment to adults there’s going to be a bunch of bored kids at your wedding. Guess what? If the kids are bored they are going to make sure their parents don’t have a good time! It’s just the way kids work, it’s effective too, bless their little souls. So, if you’re going to have kids at your wedding hire some children specific entertainment. If there’s one thing kids love it’s technology, there’s a heap of fun technology based interactive party games out there, they are beyond the scope of this article but suffice to say you will be doing your wedding a favour by looking into them.

If you’re really stuck for ideas and just have no clue what forms of wedding entertainment to hire you can always turn to a wedding entertainment planner. This will cost you, but may save you a lot od headaches and will help reduce your workload and stress in the lead up to your big day.

What next? Watch this video at for more facts about wedding ideas and check out this article for some wedding entertainment ideas that you can surprise your better half with.


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